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  • 01 What gender are you?
  • 02 Your goal
  • 03 Your physical activity
  • 04 Describe your ordinary day
  • 05 How many meals do you eat per day?
  • 06 What’s true about you?
  • 07 Allergies
  • 08 Specify your measurements

What gender are you?

Your goal

Your physical activity

Describe your ordinary day

How many meals do you eat per day?

What’s true about you?


Specify your measurements

  • Age: 14
  • Height: 122 cm
    Height: 4 ' 0 ''
  • Weight: 40 kg
    Weight: 88 lb
  • Target weight: 40 kg
    Target weight: 88 lb

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Please note

Please submit your answers to help us formulate a personalized diet plan.
Please share your goal with us and we’ll make sure your meal plan is adjusted accordingly.
The physical activity level is used to determine the size of meals for your eating program. It’s one of the most important factors for target weight estimation. Please provide the answer that best describes your day.
Specify your lifestyle in order to determine the daily amount of food for your personalized meal plan. If you can’t choose the answer, find the one that best describes your day.
It’s a critical factor for the weight loss estimation. If you don’t eat regularly, your metabolism becomes slower and you start gaining weight.
Let’s consider your daily habits since they can be harmful to your objectives. Please choose a suitable answer.
If you’re allergic to any of the food products listed here, please check the box. We will exclude it from your personalized meal plan.
This meal plan is personalized according to the following information you provide:
  • Body measurements
  • Your physical activity
  • Eating habits
  • Daily lifestyle